The Year in Special Operations: 2014-2015


This edition of The Year in Special Operations provides an in-depth look at special operations forces (SOF) today, and includes stand-alone features on SOCOM, the Theater Special Operations Commands, AFSOC, MARSOC, NAVSPECWARCOM, and USASOC, as well as international SOF. This year's edition also has a USASOC focus, with interviews with Richard M. Holcomb, Deputy Commander USASOC, Brig. Gen. Clayton Hutmacher, Commander ARSOAC, and other leadership with the command. We highlight SOF programs, including SEAL Surface and Underwater Mobility and SOF C4I/SWMS. And, as always we have special dedicated stories that look at SOF history, this year commemorating Operation Overlord (D-Day), with stories on the Office of Strategic Services, Rangers, Carpetbaggers, Pegasus Bridge, and more.

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